apffels’ innovation

The science of great coffee starts with a passion for excellence and the passion to deliver great coffee, consistently, on time, when and where you want it. That’s innovation.

It’s our passion that led us to design, engineer and build one of the most advanced roasting facilities in the world. There are only a handful of facilities that have the capabilities to deliver what we deliver – in batches or high volume. That’s the beauty of it.  Artisan craftsmanship combined with industrial know-how.

You could say that it took nearly a century of experience to bring this level of thinking and innovation to a cup of coffee because it did and we continue to improve upon it.

Innovation by design:

Low energy – low carbon facility and implementing LEED standards.

Lighting – natural lighting is combined with energy efficient lighting to reduce energy consumption.

Computer aided roasting – temperature, time and other roast variables are measured and relayed to our artisans to ensure the most flavorful and consistent batches.

Nitrogen flushed packaging – From the roast to packaging, the coffee travels in special air tight conveyer tubes, and then nitrogen flushed so there’s no air in the bag, keeping it roaster fresh until opened.

Warehousing – To protect freshness we run just in time manufacturing so the coffee spends just a brief time in our climate controlled warehouse before it heads out.

Picking – one of the first to use hand-held devises in the field.

Packing – Sorry, trade secret. But trust us, you’d be amazed.

Shipping – weighing every single bag for consistency to make sure the variances are as tight as possible.

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