The Process

It starts with the selection of the finest green coffee beans found in nature and ends in a roast that delivers one of the finest cups of coffee around. Along the way we have learned through 100 years of artisan experience how to balance the art and science of coffee.

As master blenders, we understand the need to focus on the farmers as well as a superior bean. This approach allows us to deliver consistent quality, the best blends and rich flavor year after year.

Sampling: Before we purchase, we take samples from select growers and test for freshness, optimum roasting profile and finally taste. We evaluate at every stage, ensuring quality and consistency.

Cupping: Our experienced cuppers and Licensed Q Graders have over 60 years of combined experience in sensory evaluation of coffee: we follow SCAA Standards and Protocols to objectively rate every green lot, batch roast and cup to exacting standards.

Purchasing: Once coffee samples are approved, the coffee is purchased and shipped to our facility in Los Angeles.

Delivery to our facility: Upon arrival the green coffee is inspected and sampled – (sample roasts and cupping) and after approval, it is stored in our climate-controlled warehouse until it’s roasted.

Roasting: Apffels roasts in a modern, state of the art facility that was designed by our coffee experts and their century of experience. Artisan craftsmanship and modern, computerized technology ensure that each roast delivers the quality and consistency of the most flavorful coffees in the world.

Quality Control: Apffels quality assurance lab is filled with equipment for measuring everything regarding the production of coffee - from moisture content, to roast color, to measuring oxygen levels in our packaging; all to ensure quality in every cup.

Packaging: Directly from roasting, the beans are sent through air-tight conveyor tubes to the automated packaging equipment. The coffee is nitrogen flushed as it is packaged and sealed – which maintains freshness until opened. We can produce fractional and valve bag packages from one ounce to five pounds.

Cupping: after the coffee is packed and ready for shipment, it’s cupped again. Our final check before it’s shipped to customers.