The Experience

We call it the Apffels’ Experience. It’s what you get as one of our customers. Personal, “one of the family” customer service. We’re what you would call “old school” in true customer care and guaranteed satisfaction. It’s just what we do. And who we are.

It’s part of our 100 year heritage, company culture and part of our mission statement: It’s our goal to exceed customer’s expectations - every chance we get.

Experience the service, enjoy the quality:

  • One-to-one sales consultation
  • True customer support (live people and real results)
  • Inventory management

The experience continues:
Take a tour.
Learn about the Q Grading process, (coffee evaluated by professional licensed cuppers, Q Graders,) and how evaluating coffees using the SCAA cupping protocols is performed and much more.
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As one of the most eco-friendly roasting facilities in the world, we invite you to see our technology. We are proud to say that we are one of only a few that has achieved this level globally. If you’re an engineering instructor we encourage you to take your class on a plant tour.
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