The Difference

We are different in many areas.

First, due to our stream-lined buying, roasting and delivering process, we can be a roaster of any size. We’re not too big and never too small. From our restaurant customers to our large coffee ingredient suppliers we are the right size for any need.

Secondly, it’s our passion for coffee and our customers. It’s found in every aspect of the company, from our co-associates, to the facility, from bean selection to roasting, to packaging and delivery. It’s our meticulous care and attention to detail that creates the Apffels difference – service excellence. And it’s our dedication to delivering a better product at a better price.

It’s simply part of our culture and heritage. Always asking our customers “what more can we do for you?” has become an Apffels’ hallmark statement. We’re constantly striving to find better, more efficient and cost effective ways to deliver premium coffees with unparalleled service. It is part of the company’s very soul.

And thirdly, it’s our innovation. We like to set trends, not follow them. We were instrumental in developing coffee-flavored ice creams in the 70’s, iced cappuccinos in the early 90’s and functional foods & superfoods at the beginning of the millennium. We maintain world-class manufacturing and operating standards and look to continuous improvement of our plant and processes, our coffees and product offerings.