Food Service

From café’s and coffee houses to 5-Star restaurants and hotels, our name is synonymous with great taste and service.

It’s our careful selection of premium varietals that creates the special flavor and beautiful aroma found in every cup. As master blenders we focus on superior beans, artisan roasting, and the best blends, which allows us to deliver consistent quality, richness and flavor year after year.

Our facility is one of the most advanced in the world, which in turn allows us to deliver a consistently great coffee for a great price, to the local restaurateur and the nationwide chain.

The right choice for any menu:

  • We are scalable. We have the ability to produce coffee at any scale. From small batches to large volumes.
  • Artisanship roasting with volume consistency and value.
  • “Old School” customer care. We value our relationships as much as our coffee.
    Unique blends, taste profiles and varietals for your unique restaurant and customers.
  • Customized distribution programs: we don’t deliver or charge you for quantities or products you don’t need. We’re as interested in your bottom line as you are.
  • Your reputation - We helped build many of Los Angeles’s restaurants and hotels reputations and clientele, and we're ready to help you build yours.

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